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We all look for people to follow and look up to in our lives.  In fact we spend so much time looking up that we miss one of the greatest examples of how we are to come to God. This example is our children. Matthew 18:2-3 says (2) then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, (3) and said, ďAssuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. This tells us we need to follow the example of the children.

So what is their example? First the obvious, they come when called and follow the leading of their parents not knowing where the parents are going. These are sermons that I have heard taught many times. IS this all our children are and do?? I think not. Do they not have personalities? Donít they wonder about things and get excited about things? When you tell your child your taking them to McDonalds do they say, ďho hum?Ē Itís a safe bet they do not. So why do we as adults say ho hum over the greatest thing that ever happened? Jesus is what I am talking about. Why do adults go ho hum when Jesus shows up? You say I do not do this!! I ask are you sure?? When there is work to be done do you show up enthusiastic or do you say ho hum? When there is a church board meeting do you show up excited or do you say ho hum? My bible tells me where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name I will be there. Jesus shows up and you say Ho hum.

           Children do not ALWAYS follow when told, nor come when called. So what does this tell us about ourselves in relation to God? Do we always follow His lead?? Do we always come when He calls?? I canít speak for anyone but me and I know my answer to these is NO. Our children show us how we ourselves respond to God, and our reactions show us how our disobedience hurts God just like the disobedience of our children hurt us.

           There is one major difference between adults and children... that difference is children are teachable and most adults are not. We as adults do not like to be wrong or show that we do not know it all because we may have to show a chink in our armor to those around us and even become vulnerable to them. Children do not care if they do not know they simply ask and search out the answers no matter what it takes or where they have to look.  Can we be like children and become teachable again? Jesus said if we do not then we will not make it to heaven. Are you as a small child? Are you teachable?

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